Who We Are

Kizmet is an Internet marketing agency. We are able to support, build and extend your business online. We understand the processes in which a business can utilize the power of the web as an effective tool in marketing, sales, support, commerce and brand extension.

We know how to design and build online experiences that utilize the latest in web-based technology and connect that to a targeted message that provides impact. We can integrate content management systems, or build one for a custom fit. And once that is complete, we know how to drive qualified traffic to your site and actually measure a return on your investment.

Oh, and also. . .

Our projects are built with a solid foundation in search engine optimization in mind. We know how to make you visible to those searching for your products or services. In driving qualified traffic to your site, via paid or natural search, you are able to convert visitors into customers.

Why do we do this?

We really pride ourselves on partnership. When we work with you, we like to consider ourselves part of your team, not just another vendor. What's great about being in our business are the opportunities to learn so much about what it is you do.

From creating great tasting pudding using age-old recipes, to watching robots effortlessly assemble high-quality plumbing products. From learning how you can help a company increase their bottom line through excellent payroll services and freight audit processing to seeing how the latest video technologies are helping those in our Armed Forces keep in touch with their families, we are amazed at all the different ways businesses help people succeed, improve quality of life and make money at the end of the day.

We help our clients by strategizing, designing and maintaining exceptional technology-based marketing solutions that drive success, provide value and a return on their investment.

Bottom line is, if it has anything to do with your Internet presence, we know how to handle it. And we do it with a passion and dedication to excellence that would make any Mom proud.