Design Solutions

Visual impact that focuses on providing a clear, sustaining message. That's our mantra and we live and die by it.

Our design process incorporates the following important ideals:

Smart design means designing with purpose, with a solution in mind. Overwhelming visual will only cause frustration and disconnect between the user and the message.

Communicate through design. Let the creative support the message. There is a balance between content and visual elements, they need to work together towards one goal. To provide information that is clear, contextual, and emotive. We need to draw the proper response from a user, whether it is to buy an object or to help that user make a decision. Too much of either convolutes and distorts the purpose of the message.

Know your business and your customers, and design accordingly. A web site or e-mail campaign that is designed for an entertainment company will look different from one created for a law firm. We help the client who may insist on certain elements to understand the overall purpose of the project and allow them to realize that to have the latest in animation techniques or special effects "just because" will only hurt them in the long run.

Does it make sense to turn away a percentage of possible revenue because people with disabilites could not access your web site? Or is your design and information architecture so complex and bloated, most responses from users are laced with frustration.

As easy as it is for someone to visit your web site, it is just as easy for them to click away to your competitor.