So you have a website

So you have a website, who doesn't?

Try asking yourself these questions:

Does the site meet my expectations?

Has it increased my productivity and/or supported my business better?

Has it made my business more efficient and/or freed up valuable employee work hours?

Does it compliment my image and build my brand identity?

Does it give me the competitive advantage I need?

It goes without saying that if you answered no to any of those questions you are probably not taking full advantage of what the Internet can do for you.

So now we’ve left you scratching your head in bewilderment... “Where have I gone wrong?” you wonder. “How can I correct the error of my ways?” you ask. Not to worry, all hope is not lost. By reading this, you have already taken the first step to solving the problem. Kizmet Interactive seeks to combine technological solutions with design and marketing initiatives for businesses looking to increase productivity and gain a competitive edge.

Change is good

Today internet users are more savvy and demanding than ever. To hold their attention and fulfill their needs you must always stay one step ahead. That means keeping your site current with your company’s ongoing needs. The Internet is the quickest and most cost-effective way to get new information out to your audience. Dynamic and up-to-date content and relevant information is the key. Give users everything they came to your site to get and give it to them in a fresh and engaging manner and they’ll be happy campers (and satisfied customers).

Take advantage of the power.

How would you like to save time and money by automating a portion of your day-to-day business operations? If you could just cut down on customer service calls or get pertinent information to your out-of-town sales reps in real-time, life would be so much easier. If you could find a way to safely exchange sensitive materials with your staff or change information on your website on the fly, you would be one step ahead of the rest. Well, guess what; you can. By uncovering your business needs and determining where cost can be cut, we can custom create a business solution that is right for your specific needs. Let us show you how we have helped several clients communicate quicker and better and conduct business online more efficiently.

Don't get stuck in the box

If your business has not yet to reaped the benefits you had hoped for from your web site, it's probably time to re-evaluate it and ask yourself why. Your answer may be as simple as a poorly thought out design and marketing plan. At a time when the economy is stagnant and the competition is fierce, it is more important than ever to boost marketing efforts and start thinking outside the box. Building brand identity, marketing your products or services better and taking the look and feel of your site to the next level of design sophistication will help to differentiate you from your competition. Allow the creative juices to flow…experience the Kizmet style.