Win With Online Contests

Kizmet Case Study:

Sure, online contests are typically associated with consumer marketing.

But Kizmet helped one of its B2B clients use an online contest to:

1) Capture the attention of hard-to-reach prospects.

2) Drum up demand for a new product.

3) Generate a windfall of qualified leads.

Campaign specific microsite

Here is how we helped our client, Hansgrohe, use an online contest to lure plumbers, dealers, architects and interior designers to learn more about a new product:

1) Sent direct mail that invited these professionals to visit a product-specific microsite. We used direct mail to reach these prospects because it is tough to get to them via online measures (e-mail, etc). The mailing included basic info about the new product along with a scratch-off card that revealed a secret number.

2) Built a campaign microsite that matched the look and feel of the mailing. Prospects could then visit the microsite, (the game has since ended), and plug in the secret number to see if they had won a prize.

The key to generating leads: Prospects had to register with the site and answer three qualifying questions before they could enter their secret number.

3) Directed prospects to the main product microsite,, where they could learn more about the features, benefits and specs of the new product.

The promotion was run in over six countries in Europe and had between a 35% and 51% response rate - a great success for a connected direct mail and online campaign!