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The future of login

Tired of registering for new sites, and keeping track of all those user names and passwords. Well, with big players like AOL and Microsoft moving towards supporting OpenID, those days took one step closer to being over.

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Measure your Site!

Investing more in your website without measuring how well it's working is simply gambling. You may as well be flipping a coin. How should you measure online success? Below are the 10 things you must measure in order to validate your investment.

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Win With Online Contests

Kizmet Case Study:

Sure, online contests are typically associated with consumer marketing.

But Kizmet helped one of its B2B clients use an online contest to:

1) Capture the attention of hard-to-reach prospects.

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DVD Marketing

Marketing your services or products through a DVD is an effective way to reach a wide audience. A media rich presentation of information is a sure way to keep the interest of a potential customer.

DVD’s have had great success in direct mail campaigns, allowing customers to share information with their colleagues and friends by just passing along your DVD. And, by combining Internet use with a DVD, not only can you make it easier for a customer to decide to buy your product or service, they could do it right there, allowing the DVD to connect to your web site.

- Marketing Communication Tools

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So you have a website

So you have a website, who doesn't?

Try asking yourself these questions:

Does the site meet my expectations?

Has it increased my productivity and/or supported my business better?

Has it made my business more efficient and/or freed up valuable employee work hours?

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Does your site work for you?

Just a few short years ago, it seemed that to have a Web site displaying your business was a symbol of success. It proved that your company was ahead of the game; you were primed and ready for the 21st century.

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Analyze your site

When users arrive at web sites, they are craving answers to their questions and insights to their problems. Sites are all about giving users the information they need. How do you know if you've answered all their questions? How do you know if you've supplied complete answers?

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